CCI recently performed major facility upgrades to the EI-208 facility aimed at increasing production. The work was extensive and took thorough planning to execute safely while minimizing shut-in time.

Pipeline repair planning and execution are a common service that we provide. This particular repair was very complex and interesting which is why it has been highlighted here.

Corrosion Maintenance programs, from initial inspection and planning to effectively and safely managing the work is an area that CCI excels. This is one of our more active services for our customers.

CCI has experience abandoning a variety of facility types in the Gulf of Mexico and can perform complete planning and execution of your structure removal, exclusive of downhole work.

Hurricane Ike crippled a major producing field for one of our customers. For about 13 months, repairs to both structural and process flow portions of the facility were made and production was restored to the field.

EI-208 Major Facility Upgrades

Platform Abandonment Campaigns

Corrosion Programs for Multiple Customers

VR-386 B J-Tube Pipeline Repair

VR 369 Field Hurricane Ike Repairs

Project List

Below you will find a representative sample of some of CCI’s more recent project work.